Helped in a Time of Crisis

James Giries promptly helped me in a time of dire need. Was transparent and honest about the situation and what I need to do. Took time walking through the situation and offering his experiences with the situation.


Best Family Lawyer We Could Ask For!

Mr. Giries was the third lawyer we met up with regarding our case, and the only one to sit down with us at the beginning and explained his strategy as many times as we asked him too, he was very thorough throughout the whole process. He was always available through e-mail and phone calls and answered all of our questions completely anytime; English isn't our first language but it absolutely wasn't an issue working with Mr. Giries, he was very professional and patient while handling our case. The process was taken care of in a very short amount of time and we couldn't be happier working with Mr. Giries. Thank you!


Knows His Stuff

I contacted Mr. Giries regarding a family law matter concerning my daughter. He told me the truth and that is all I can ask for. Somethings I needed to hear and somethings I didn't like hearing, but it was the TRUTH. Thank you!

-Robert T.

Hire This Guy, Don't Make the Same Mistake I Did

He was great. I tried to discuss with other attorneys and they were wanting to bill my card $100 just to talk. James took his time, gave me valuable feedback, and offered a variety of services based on my situation instead of just requesting a retainer to talk to me. I'd highly recommend this very knowledgeable attorney after the experience I had with mine. Don't hire someone who says they can handle family law, hire someone who can prove they handle family law.

-Randy M.

Wonderful Divorce/Family Attorney

I was going through a very difficult separation and divorce with 2 children under the age of 6. The situation was heartbreaking and complicated, and James was there for me every step of the way. Not only did he give me excellent legal counsel, which was flawlessly executed, but he also helped with my emotional stability. James was able to help teach me calming techniques so I could focus on the here and now. I was able to do something very scary (testifying in court) knowing he was at my side and I could handle my emotions. I am not only grateful for the outcome of my divorce, but for the constant support I received during and afterward. Thank you James.


Custody Help

James Giries helped me win the custody of my 2 kids, he accomplished everything he proposed when I walked into his office. He was very good at noticing that my personal life was not very good at the moment and gave me therapy to help me get through one of the toughest moments of my life. I would highly recommend James Giries to anyone fighting for custody of their kids especially men because it seems that us men have things against us when it comes to custody battles.

-Jesus H.

Excellent Lawyer

Mr. Giries, he is the best and excellent Lawyer with full of experience. My case was very difficult and no other lawyer helped me but when Mr. Giries took my case I was confident and he showed his knowledge and experience by solving my difficult case . I am very happy with his work. Last thing I like to say God Bless him and all the people out there those who are reading this review if you want to win your case then hire him. Thank you Mr. Giries for bringing peace back into my life.



Came as a recommendation from a friend. On the first phone call I knew I could trust James to hand my case. He was understanding of my divorce problems and explained all the steps that were possible. We ended up in mediation that felt it lasted forever and I came out with a really nice result.


Awesome Experience

I had a great experience with James Giries. He was quick to respond and very knowledgeable. I can easily recommend him as a great attorney.


Caring Expert in a Stressful Time

I consulted James when my family was going through a very stressful time concerning personal matters. He listened intently, did not judge and gave his honest opinion. I appreciate that because in a very hard time for my family I feel like he is looking out for me.


Intergrity Is James Giries Middle Name!

I wish there were more stars to give this man. James Giries is an outstanding lawyer. Finally, I have found a lawyer that is professional, caring, and has a lot of integrity. James was very attentive to my needs during a difficult legal battle I was having regarding an unjust Restraining Order. Not only did he go above and beyond for me, the case was resolved quickly and I now consider him a friend. I have never seen anyone work like he does inside the court room, and out. I believe if I would have went through any other attorney I wouldn't have won my case. James is smart, intelligent and a fighter. Unlike most attorney's James always got back to me right away with any questions or concerns, sometimes even when he was home. He made me feel important never just treated me like her client. A true professional and a man with great Integrity. James Giries will fight for you!


Professional and Knowledgeable

I had a very complicated divorce and James was very knowledgeable and professional. He was dedicated to my case and made sure I was informed and prepared every step of the way. I never felt like just a client. He genuinely cared about me and my children and made sure we were taken care of. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs direction and council when going through divorce and family separation.

-Jennifer L.

Fantastic Divorce Lawyer!!

I hired James to handle my divorce matter last year. He went above and beyond as my lawyer, reached an amicable settlement with the opposing party and everyone was happy in the end. James is very personable and puts his clients needs first and foremost. I would highly recommend James to anyone seeking an outstanding divorce lawyer!


Professional Assistance

I was recently assisted by James Giries in a legal territory dispute with another chiropractor. He was able to help resolve the issue promptly and quickly quelled my fears. He was even able to find additional legal assistance that was needed once the legal attack I endured turned slanderous. I really appreciate the help I received and would definitely recommend his help for similar matters.


James Giries

James is an excellent attorney. He is knowledgeable and thoughtful. James kept me up to speed throughout my divorce. All my calls were returned within 2 hours. James always responded to my emails in a timely manner. James is a compassionate person who understands the difficulty of ending a marriage. I really felt that James was on my side.


Five Stars for This Man!!!

James Giries helped me keep my children from a bad situation. I approached James around November of 2012 about my children's visitation with their father declining at a steady rate. He was just going down a road that was very impressionable to the children and I didn't want them in that environment.

James made sure to keep me informed at all times of the case and what was happening. He even made sure I had a copy of everything once it was received in his office. He was very organized and made sure I understood all the facts of the case before going to the next step. He was clear and concise with each move that we could make. He was a little slow on getting me the bill for his services, but that allowed me time to get the money together too.

James was able to get the court to order my children's father to go to counseling, go to rehab, and limited the visitation, even made it supervised. He did an amazing job of making sure that my children were taken care of. That is what is most important to me in the whole world and he understood that.

I know that next time I need some legal advise or help, James will be the one I call. I have already referred him to my friends in need. James Giries was a wonderful attorney in my case. I couldn't have asked for a better man with great like-minded values.


The Best Lawyer I've Talked to Yet

First off, I've talked to plenty of lawyers and it's a rush off the phone and just flat out don't care. When I spoke with Mr. Giries he not only told what I needed to know but told me what I needed to do step by step even though I really didn't have a case. He really put me at ease with my situation. I just didn't even know where to begin until I talk to Mr.Giries. I wanted to thank you for putting me in the right direction. Definitely a lawyer that has my business.

Thank you Mr Giries

-Rene C.

Best Family Law Attorney!!

Mr. Giries took my case and quickly got temporary orders in place. Then as soon as he possibly could he got my divorce finalized to my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend him to others for a quick resolution of their family law matters.