Uncontested Divorce

The Benefits Of Uncontested Divorce

Not all divorces have to be contentious, emotionally charged legal battles. In fact, if you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce and have no complicated financial entanglements, you can obtain an uncontested divorce that can save you significant time and money.

At The Law Office of James Giries, I can guide you through all aspects of uncontested divorce in Texas. I can help you craft all the documents you need to create enforceable divorce orders covering property division, child support, custody, visitation and other critical legal matters.

I offer an affordable flat fee for uncontested divorces. If there is no conflict or unexpected complications, I can help you finalize your divorce in just a couple of months. I handle all types of divorce and family law issues for clients in Collin County and throughout surrounding areas.

Have You Seen Ads For 'Cheap Divorce'?

There is no shortage of online services promising a quick and cheap divorce in Texas. Some people even opt for trying the do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce approach. The risk you run with these methods is filing your divorce paperwork without the advice and oversight of an attorney.

Divorce law is complex and the paperwork requires painstaking attention to detail. Mistakes and oversights can prove costly. Usually, the price of fixing a botched divorce is higher than hiring an experienced lawyer to handle it in the first place. In an uncontested divorce, an attorney can provide valuable advice and assistance in making sure all of the necessary issues are covered in the final decree.

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