Protecting Your Financial Interests

Protecting Your Financial Interests With A Prenuptial Agreement

For many who are planning to get married, a prenuptial agreement alleviates nagging financial concerns and worries about keeping separate property separate. By establishing a solid prenup today, you can enjoy your marriage free from these concerns, focusing on the happy days ahead.

At The Law Office of James Giries, I have extensive experience drafting, reviewing and negotiating prenuptial agreements for clients throughout Collin County and surrounding Texas communities. I also help people establish postnuptial agreements, which achieve the same objectives as prenups but are established during the course of a marriage rather than prior to it.

The Benefits Of Establishing A Prenuptial Agreement

Establishing a prenup can help you achieve a number of important financial objectives, including:

  • Define what is community property and what is separate property
  • Setting aside assets for an ex-spouse or children outside the marriage
  • Supporting an estate plan
  • Provide a framework for how to resolve future disputes

Before you sign a prenup, it is important to have it reviewed by an experienced attorney. Unfavorable clauses and ambiguous language could cause you serious problems in the future. As a family law attorney with a strong background in contract law, I can help you establish prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that protect your rights and your financial future.

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