Divorce For Business Owners

Protecting Businesses In Divorce

Every divorce poses financial challenges, but for business owners, there is even more at stake.

In a Texas divorce, income and assets acquired during the course of a marriage are generally considered community property and subject to division upon divorce. Some assets are relatively simple to divide — a 50-50 split of a savings account, for instance — but business assets are decidedly more complex.

Business Valuation Experience

What is your business worth to you? You've probably devoted untold hours and hard work in the process of making it thrive. How can you divide that equity in divorce?

In more than a decade of practice, I've learned legal strategies for helping businesses remain healthy in the face of property division proceedings. I have access to a leading expert in business valuation who helps me uncover the pertinent facts that are necessary to these complex legal proceedings.

A proper and accurate business valuation takes into account the numerous factors that contribute to the value of your business, from real estate and equipment to client lists and a good reputation in the community.

You've worked hard to build your business. I am here to help you keep the business assets you have earned and to represent your interests in all other areas of divorce and family law.

Talk To A Lawyer About Your High-Asset Divorce Needs

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