Child Support

Child Support In Texas

In Texas, child support is calculated by a set of guidelines that take into account the number of children, the net income of each parent, the special needs of the children and other factors.

Calculating child support is often straightforward, but certain factors can add complexity to the process. For instance, if a parent is self-employed, unemployed, underemployed or hiding income, calculating his or her income may require an aggressive investigation.

As a child support attorney with more than a decade of experience, I can guide you through the process of establishing child support orders. I also represent clients in child support modifications and enforcement issues.

Child Support Modifications

When circumstances change significantly, it may become necessary to modify existing child support orders. Situations that may call for a modification include a job loss or a dramatic increase or decrease in income. If you are seeking to modify your child support orders or are trying to stop a modification that would adversely affect you, I can provide you with the representation you need.

Child Support Enforcement

If a person owes child support but has not paid, there are a number of ways to enforce the obligation. I can assist you in requesting the court order the obligor to pay what is owed. There are a number of remedies available to gain cooperation from the obligor including contempt proceedings and license suspension, among others.


When a married couple has a child, the husband is presumed to be the father. When an unmarried woman has a child, the father's identity must be established through a paternity action. If there is no dispute as to the identity of the father, paternity can be established by agreement between the parents. If the father's identity is in dispute, the matter can be resolved through a paternity lawsuit.

Establishing paternity has a number of benefits, including:

  • Establishing child support
  • Allowing a father to obtain custody and visitation rights
  • Giving the child the opportunity to obtain certain benefits, such as life insurance, Social Security and veterans benefits
  • Making information about genetic diseases available

Whether you are a mother or prospective father, I can guide you through all aspects of the paternity process in Texas.

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