When Children Are Involved In Family Law Matters

Any legal matter carries consequences, but when there are children involved, the stakes are significantly higher for all parties involved. At The Law Office of James Giries, I understand the enormous personal stakes of child custody, child support, paternity and other family law issues that affect children. I am dedicated to protecting my clients' parental rights and the best interests of their children. As a Collin County child custody attorney with more than 10 years of experience, I am prepared to guide you through any legal matter that affects the relationship you have with your children.

Protecting The Best Interests Of The Child

Aside from situations in which there is abuse or neglect, children are always best served by maintaining a meaningful relationship with both parents.

When deciding on legal issues involving children, Texas courts are guided by the principle of protecting the best interests of the children involved. This is important to remember if you are engaged in a custody dispute or another legal matter that involves your children. The parents' wishes are secondary to what is best for the children.

Having this mindset can help combating parents get away from the "me vs. you" mindset when resolving legal disputes. It doesn't have to be a contentious legal battle. We can work together toward the common goal of doing what's best for the children. In guiding my clients through these sensitive issues, I work to help disputing parents find common ground and amicable solutions.

That being said, I understand that some parties simply refuse to be reasonable. When aggressive litigation is required to protect your parental rights, I am always prepared.

Talk To A Lawyer Who Can Guide You To A Favorable Outcome

I am a strong advocate for mothers' rights and fathers' rights in Texas. If you need help with a legal issue that affects your children, I am here for you. Call my law offices at 972-905-6989 or contact me online to arrange your initial consultation.

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